Three Big Mistakes That Women Entrepreneurs Make

There are 3 BIG mistakes that women entrepreneurs often make as we strive to build our brands and businesses.

Which mistake(s) is blocking YOUR success right now?

MISTAKE #1: Hiding behind the brand.

Many women entrepreneurs tend to post quotes, write captions, or are the designers of the brand; however, their audience has never seen their face or even heard their voice because they are speaking through the quotes of others. It’s nothing like connecting with the person behind the brand, as it requires transparency, authenticity, and consistency which then leads to trust. When your audience trusts you they will do business with you. People do business with people not businesses.

MISTAKE #2: Inconsistent messaging

When your brand messaging is consistent there will be less confusion and more credibility. Women entrepreneurs will want to change their messaging because of the fear of being repetitive. Repetition is great as the more your audience and clients hear your messaging they can identify it, and it provides clarity about you and the brand. Changing your brand messaging often will lead to confusion and mistrust.

MISTAKE #3: .Talking to Everybody

In order to effectively sell or create impact, you have to be clear on who you’re talking to! We start businesses, we know our product, we know what we want to do with it, we know where we want to market it, but damn near try to sell it to everybody or to talk to anyone that will listen. Target audience is important and should be established early in the game.

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