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The Power Of A Brand

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

The entire world exists because of stories, and so should your personal brand. Stories are told everyday in our daily lives as we engage in conversation with our family, friends, client, and/or co-workers. We tell stories about what happened at work/school, what happened during daily activities and what happened to and with family and friends. We tell stories about memories. Most of the time the listener is engaged preparing for a response. It is your responsibility as the storyteller to create the emotional response that will engage your audience. What response would you like your brand story to exude? Is it empathy, sympathy, anger, sadness, and/or empowerment?

Your story, once told will provide a connection to your audience. It can be an indirect/direct correlation or just resonation. Stories leaves imprints in the minds and hearts of those who want to engage with you. Start creating your brand story to make meaningful connections with your audience and community.

To learn how to create an impactful brand story, feel free to download a free copy of " The Guide to Creating a Killer Brand Story."

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Unknown member
Jul 23, 2020

I appreciate you and all of your wisdom so much! Thank you

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