Build A Impactful Personal Brand in 90 Days!

 You have been working really hard in your business, but just can't seem to get noticed or yield expected results. 


You are working really hard at your 9 to 5 and feel as if you are shrinking in the workplace although your performance is above and beyond. Your are not being taken seriously and just feeling overlooked.

Are you an introvert who finds it difficult to telling your story or making connections with the people who need to experience your superpower?

I GET IT....I too have walked in one or more of the aforementioned shoes, but  the very day I learned to step into my superpower and stay true to myself, things changed for me. I built an impactful Personal Brand that allowed my business to flourish.


The BrandHer 1-on-1 coaching program will help you gain clarity on your brand identity, craft an authentic brand story, step into your super power, and help you to make meaningful connections with those who need you, all while building a compelling, impactful personal brand in 90 days.
In 12 weeks you will learn:​
Module 1
Personal Branding and the Personal Branding Process
Module 2
How to Create a Killer Brand Story to attract your target audience
Module 3
Clarify and Define Your Unique Value Proposition
Module 4
Clarify Your Brand Voice/Brand Values
Module 5
Define Your Target Audience/How To Find our Target Audience
Module 6
How to Make An Impactful Impression Online

Personal Brand Coach

As a Personal Brand Coach & Photographer, I help women get clarity on their superpower, craft authentic brand stories, and break industry molds so that they are able to position themselves confidently for professional and business growth.

Learn the Strategy & Change the Game!

  • Increase your visibility online to attract prospective clients and employers.
  • Create an authentic brand story to create meaningful connections.
  • Find out what makes you different so that you can stand firm and walk in your purpose.
  • Position yourself for profitable, business and professional growth.
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