Are you ready to get out the rut and build a personal brand that will help you secure clients and a profitable business?

Brandher is a 1:1 coaching program that will help clarify your superpower, build a personal brand that will attract the clients you desire and position you to secure the bag!

 Are you at the crossroads in your business or career and not sure what to do or where to turn?


Are you working crazy hours in your business and is far from meeting your financial goal or you feel like you are working for pennies?


Do you want to start branding yourself but watching Youtube videos and tutorials have left you confused?

The Struggle is Real.

I Think We Have All Been There!

 It's nothing more frustrating than watching yourself shrink in your business with no solution or direction as to what to do next. Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, or ambivalent.  I too have walked in one or more of the aforementioned shoes, but the very day I discovered that I needed to step into my superpower and cultivate a brand that was true to who I am, things changed for me. I built a personal brand that that resulted in clients that respected my worth, profitability and a thriving business in the midst of a pandemic.

 YOU CAN DO THE SAME! It does not have to end there! 


                    So, what do you do now?

It's Time to Make the Move!


There is no time to quit, there is no time to feel sorry for yourself. It's time to build an authentic personal brand that will attract the clients that you dream of serving. It's time to build a personal brand that showcase your superpowers and allows you to display your unicorn capabilities that the world is waiting to experience. It's time to secure business opportunities with your name on it, and it's definitely time to ensure business profitability! It's time to make the move and the time is now. 

Hey There!


My name is Leslie, as a personal branding coach, my goal is to help you clarify  your superpower, cultivate an impactful personal brand that will break industry molds and position you for business growth and opportunities.

Get Clarity, Learn the Strategy & Change the Game!

  • Increase your visibility online to attract prospective clients and employers.
  • Create an authentic brand story to create meaningful connections with your dream clients.
  • Get clarity on your unique qualities so that you can stand firm and walk in your purpose confidently.
  • Position yourself for profitable, business and professional growth.

How Brand Strategy Sessions Work

Once you’ve booked your spot, I’ll send you some pre-work to complete which allows me to get a solid understanding of your brand & business as well as your goals. I ask that you return it to me 48 hours before our session so I can be fully prepared to get to work when we have our strategy session.


The sessions take place on Zoom and are recorded so you can watch them in between sessions so that you won't forget or miss anything. After our session, I’ll follow up with an email that includes summary of what we covered and your action steps moving forward. I’ll also make suggestions for additional training and resources if I think they’ll help.


Following our session, you’ll receive 1 week of complimentary Voxer (a voice messaging app) access to me to troubleshoot and keep that momentum going. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask me quick-fire questions and validate ideas you had since we spoke.


Remember success won't work unless you do! Be prepared to be committed and put in the work so that you goals can be met.

90 Minute Brand Strategy Session

  • Pre-work to complete 48hrs before session

  • 90 minute personal brand coaching session via Zoom

  • Call recorded so you can watch back on-demand

  • Summary email with action steps + resources

  • 1 week complimentary Voxer access​


This session is ideal if you have one or two things you want laser focus on or a high-level strategy you can go away and implement.

90 Day Personal Branding Coaching

  • Pre-work to complete 48hrs before session

  • 6- 90-minute bi-weekly personal brand coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Call recorded so you can watch back on-demand

  • Summary email with action steps + resources

  • On-going complimentary Voxer access


This is ideal if you need to map out an entire launch, re-brand, new program, or something else extraordinary!


Get A Free Personal Brand Mini-Session when you pay for the 90-Day BrandHer Coaching Program in full!


That consists of:

  • Creative consultation session in-person or via an online platform

  • Photography at one nearby locations

  • Variety of shots - headshots, portraits, lifestyle, stock, editorial, environmental, product

  • Online gallery to view and download images in both high resolution and web sizes.

  • Full usage photo rights with the exception of resale

  • You will receive 10 color corrected images to keep for business use in print + online

That is a value of $349 for Free!

Personal Brand Coach

My name is Leslie Gomez and I am an award-winning, published professional branding photographer located in Hartford, CT. As a Personal Brand Coach & Photographer, I help women get clarity on their superpower, craft authentic brand stories, and break industry molds so that they are able to position themselves confidently for professional and business growth.

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